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Zonet (ZSR1134WE) 4 Port Wireless Router | For only $20.00

The Zonet ZSR1134WE - Wireless Broadband Router with 4 ports LAN switch lets you securely share Internet connection with wired and wireless computers. Connects as many computers wirelessly as you want and up to 4 wired computers or daisy chain out to switches to expand the network as you need. The advanced firewall is featuring NAT with VPN pass-through, IP/port/Mac/URL filtering and so on. The Zonet Wireless Broadband Router is the best way to share Internet connection, files, printers, and multi-player games with the flexibility and speed!

LiteOn 24x DVD\CD Writer | Internal SATA Interface | For only $15.00

Lite-On introduces a newer, faster, improved family of DVD Writers yet again. By increasing the DVD writing speed to 24X, the Lite-On IHAS124-04 Internal DVD Writer offers the latest solution for quality conscious users seeking a smart upgrade. But what makes the Lite-On IHAS124-04 Internal DVD Writer stand out from the crowd is its convenient ability to create personal DVD videos, burn music CDs, and backup data files onto numerous DVD and CD formats.

Three CD\DVD - RW Drives | IDE & SATA Interface | For only $15.00

All three CD and DVD writters are well tested on PC. Two of them come with IDE interface and one of them (Black) comes with SATA interface. You can enjoy burning CDs and DVDs for work or pleasure. Simply plug & play, no special configurations needed to put them to use.


Zonet Wireless Router

Zonet (ZSR1134WE) 4 Port wireless router
LiteOn DVD & CD Writer

LiteOn SATA DVD & CD Writer

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